This is why Concrete Labouring is Not Cheap

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Concrete is a widely used material in labour work, especially in construction. It is not just durable – it is also very flexible, which is why concrete is preferred over a host of other materials in the construction industry. However, concrete and concrete labouring is quite expensive, and there are many factors that contribute to its final price. This blog post will discuss some of the reasons why concrete labouring is not cheap.

Reasons Why Concrete Labouring Is Not Cheap

Types of Concrete

One common factor that affects the price of concrete labouring is the type of concrete being used. There are different types of concrete that are available, which serves to determine the total price played by the client. The most expensive ingredient in concrete is cement. If there are large quantities of cement mixed in concrete, it becomes more expensive.

Cost of Material

The separate cost of materials and supplies, along with the cost of shipping or transportation, also determine the price of concrete labouring. The work itself usually becomes very expensive when all of the costs are added up.

Labour Rates

The local rates or wages specified by the government can also make a big difference when it comes to concrete labour work. Plus, concrete labouring requires a lot of effort and hard work. Workers in this profession usually suffer from back pain and other severe back problems due to the physical nature of the job, which is why it commands such a great price tag.

Condition of the Site

The cost of concrete labour work can increase sharply if the site condition is not ideal. For instance, the soil may be of bad quality, the land may be wet or contaminated, there might not be enough utilities available, or there might be other environmental issues and traffic. All of these factors can result in the increased cost of concrete labouring.

Economic Reasons

Economic conditions such as inflation can sharply increase the cost of any construction project. Inflation has affected the construction industry in many countries; thus, its relevance in determining the cost should not be ignored.


The season during which the work needs to be done also matters. For example, it is difficult to work in extreme cold or in extreme heat. Plus, there are certain chemicals needed to keep the concrete from either freezing or melting, and these chemicals then factor into the cost of concrete labouring.

Project Scope

The scope of the project also determines the cost. If the project is big and requires a lot of work for a long time, the labour cost automatically increases. Additional contingency factors also add up to the final cost of concrete labouring.

The price of concrete labouring and concrete itself can rise up quickly. However, while selecting the type of material to use for your project, it is important to keep in mind the quality you require. High-quality concrete work can last for years without any maintenance. So, spending a little more on concrete labouring can actually benefit you in the long term and save additional costs for renovation.

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