Formwork Hire Sydney

SS Prime Form is one of the leading formwork companies in Sydney, specialising in conventional formwork, formwork systems and safety screens to ensure maximum performance and building outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with access to a highly experienced team and WHS staff on site at all times. SS Prime Form has grown to become one of the most innovative and established formwork experts in the industry, employing a solid team of skilled staff that understand the unique qualities of every project. We have completed a variety of builds in the past including the construction of high-rise developments, residential homes, schools, offices and various other projects around Sydney.


Concrete Formwork Solutions

At SS Prime Form, we can help with concrete retaining walls, water tanks, capping beams, building walls, suspended slabs in multi-level complexes, as well as decking systems. Time efficiency, dependability and quality are at the peak of priorities when it comes to all our concrete formwork.  If you’re looking for strong attention to detail, uncompromising quality finishes and professional service delivery, SS Prime Form is your builder of choice. Developing secure and long-lasting relationships with our clients ensures there is a foundation of strong communication and trust. These are the building blocks that ensure our on-going and future success in the formwork industry.


Our concreting services include:


Steel Formwork Services

Our steel fixers have extensive experience, with our large teams providing effective and quality work including the implementation of stressed slabs, beams, columns and panels, footings and crane bases.  All services involved in reinforcement projects are commenced with the highest level of precision and care. We provide a one-stop-shop by providing our clients with everything from steel fixing, concrete supply to general formwork solutions.

For more information on our services, contact us on 0414-093-100 or connect via email at to arrange a confidential discussion.

If you have a list of formwork companies to choose from and haven’t yet decided on which way to go, you can feel confident SS Prime Form is the best choice for your next commercial or residential project.