This is why many building companies don’t want you on site when they are building your home

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Visiting the construction site where your new home is being built can be tempting. Watching builders move through the construction process can feel incredibly satisfying for clients, especially when they imagine all the memories their new home will hold.

However, building companies don't want you on-site when they are building your home. Homeowners need to keep in mind that a construction area is a work zone with hazards that the building company is responsible for. There are official guidelines they need to follow when carrying out building works. They need to protect their workers, as well as homeowners alike. Here is why building companies don’t want you around when they are working on your home:


You Will Get in the Way

If you continue to move from room to room when your house is being built, you can get in the way of the workers who are trying to complete their work based on a schedule that needs to be followed for each day. This can cause delays, especially since the staff on duty needs to ensure that the room you walk into is safe and completed before they can move on to another space.

If you decide to be on-site while your home is being constructed, a worker will have to accompany you at all costs to keep you safe and warn you of any hazards. After all, don't forget that this is still a worksite- not a complete, safe home.


Safety and Proper Gear

When major work is going on inside or outside the house, it is easy to overlook the safety aspect. This is because before the work starts, it is hard to imagine your home without walls, exposed to natural elements and having no structural support.

A worksite is dangerous. There can be toxins in the air, existing structures can be weak, and you never know whether the next surface you step on is stable. This is why the staff on duty will gear up before starting any work on the construction site. They will wear appropriate clothing, closed shoes, properly fitted hard hats, safety vests, and eye goggles. As a homeowner, you might not own all of this. Don't forget, dust and toxins can cause allergies almost instantly.


Noise pollution

When a home is being constructed, there will be a lot of noise. This cannot be avoided. Heavy-duty vibrations, drills, and machinery can cause a lot of sound in the vicinity of your home.

While this might not irritate you initially, if you continue to stay on-site when your house is being built, you will eventually suffer headaches and migraines. Remember, you do not have the proper gear or experience to tolerate the construction process.



Children are another hazard on construction sights. We all know that kids can be super curious and inquisitive. While those are great qualities, having children on site increases the risk factor exponentially. It slows down progress as all staff members have to look after the children to make sure that they do not step on any danger zone or touch anything that might harm them.


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