Why Should I Water My New Concrete After It Sets?

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Most people wonder about the need for watering new concrete after it sets. They are often unaware that concrete hardens as a result of a chemical reaction between cement and water and not because it dries. And the process of hardening of concrete continues as long as the moisture stays in it. Hence, there is a need for watering your concrete after it sets in as it improves the strength, resistance, and durability of your concrete job.


Let’s take a closer look at the process of curing concrete and why it is important.


The Process of Concrete Curing

The curing process or watering the new concrete and keeping it moist improves the strength, durability, and resistance of concrete for several years. The concrete watered for 20 days doubles in strength compared to concrete that gets moisture and water for four days. Moreover, concrete that doesn't get appropriate exposure to water and moisture can dry rapidly and reach less than half its potential strength. Furthermore, it is also more prone to shrinkage and cracks.


Hence, to get the strongest concrete slab that can serve you for years, it is best to properly cure the new concrete after it sets for at least a week after installation. Ideally, you should continue to water your new concrete after it sets for up to 28 days.


The process involves continuously watering the concrete surface and preventing moisture loss as the loss of moisture can weaken the finished concrete and increase the risk of cracking. During the first seven days following the installation of a concrete slab, it's best to continue to spray the slab with water for 5-10 days a day or as frequently as possible. Following the first seven days, you can reduce the frequency of watering your new concrete.


Apart from keeping the new concrete moist, it is also recommended that you wait 24 hours before starting foot traffic on the slab. Moreover, it is best to wait for ten days before driving light vehicles on the slab and at least 28 days for heavy pick-up trucks.


After 28 days of curing, your new concrete will be strong enough to sustain all types of traffic for years to come.


In all, appropriate moisture-curing your concrete improves its strength, durability, and resistance for a long time.


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